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A well-respected non-profit with a well-defined mission and passionate staff faced a difficult challenge: the previous IT provider did not service this organization in the way that was needed.   The provider was unresponsive to client needs and did not maintain the systems in the way that allowed for optimal operation of the organization. Compounding the problem was the fact that the non-profit’s systems were quite outdated – as the client described they were from the “dinosaur age” – and the previous IT provider took a passive instead of a proactive approach to dealing with IT issues.

The non-profit, unhappy with its situation, sought an IT audit and found that there was a large gap to be filled with its IT needs. CTN came highly recommended – and after the non-profit met with CTN leadership, the decision was made to work with the company as the new provider.

The CTN Solution:
The non-profit truly needed strategic guidance for its long-term technology needs, and this is an area where CTN was able to truly excel and deliver. There was a smooth process as CTN mapped out a strategy, then worked to install upgrades and enhance the overall IT structure of the organization. This dramatically improved the efficiency of operations, and addressed a key concern of the client – heightened security.

The client has described both the customer support and technical support of CTN as “superior.” CTN brought a full, complete solution to the team – from the server and software through to complete on-going support. CTN also continues to work closely with employees – many of whom have disabilities – to ensure the IT equipment employed is compatible with the special needs of the staff.


"Without a doubt CTN knew what they were doing when they started working with our organization. Their knowledge and responsiveness to our goals – and their ability to explain to our team what was going on – were exactly what our organization needed. Perhaps most importantly, CTN listened to our needs, truly helped support our mission, and has become a valued and trusted strategic partner."

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