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A regional B2B services company with an extensive staff did not have a formalized process to assist the staff with their IT issues.  Instead, the staff called the company’s COO for assistance as needed.  This was a problematic in two ways: (1) the COO would try to assist as best as possible, but didn’t have a technical background and thus was limited in ability to provide support; and (2) it was very time consuming for the COO to assist the team technically, as it took the COO away from other important work.

This company previously outsourced IT support and was charged for each call by the hour, which did not make for a “supportive” environment for obtaining technical support.

The CTN Solution:
When CTN came on board, the team helped the client fully understand its equipment situation.  Prior to engaging with CTN, the client had a server that caused a variety of problems for the company. The previous vendor couldn’t provide a clear idea of different options to fix the situation nor did they have ample experience with the solution that was ultimately selected.

CTN recommended a new solution successfully used in many other environments, and shared the option of moving to a cloud-based application tied in with the benefits of cloud retention. With this additional knowledge and CTN’s support, the client gained the needed confidence to make the best decision and develop the groundwork for a strategy to eventually move to the optimum long-term solution.

CTN provided a direct project manager to the client, and now ongoing communications with CTN enables the client to better understand their IT environment.  The CTN manager provides regular updates as to inventory of company equipment, ensures there clear and concise info about open tickets and project statuses, and is very responsive in answering questions.  The client also appreciates the proactiveness of the CTN project manager, who ensures that the technology works the way it should and that the service from the company remains strong and positive.


"CTN has enabled us to professionalize our technical support and security environment so that we can concentrate on growing our business.  We now have the confidence that our data is safe, our staff is fully supported and we are constantly anticipating future needs instead of being surprised with issues when they become a problem.”

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