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Getting the most from the CRM, ERP and SharePoint platforms from Microsoft presents a real challenge to organizations. The skills and resources to support these kinds of complex systems are hard to find as well as expensive. Additionally most software companies will only support the “out-of-the-box” features and not unique customizations that have been tailored to your business. Here at CTN, we have the answer.

Customized Support Strategic Plan (CSSP)

Our customers work with our Support Engineers to document a complete Customized Support Strategic Plan (CSSP). The Plan is the basis of the support and as such is the most important and valuable step in the process. In this planning step CTN along with the customer will work to certify the environment for support. Areas of focus include: Server Configuration, Database Configuration, Software Configuration (Business Unit, Advanced Find, etc.), Customizations, Workflows, and Entities and Attributes.

With a CSSP you have direct access to our team of highly experienced experts who will:

  • Understand your technical environment and get to know your in house team by working
    closely with them.
  • Be proactive to help you get more from your investment.
  • Work with your team to address changing needs and potentially avoid problems before they hit.
  • Respond quickly to design appropriate solutions to fix even the toughest issues.
  • Help you avoid downtime minimizing costs and disruption to your business.

Once completed the CSSP becomes the Runbook—or bible—for that clients’ environment providing CTN Support Engineers the required information to be efficient when called upon. Based upon the Planning Phase and Discovery, customers can choose which level of support is required at the outset of the contract:

CTN Assurance Blue (Standard Level Support)

CTN Assurance Blue includes:

  • Service Level Agreement with guaranteed response time
  • 10 hours of support per month
  • Software Update Services (proactive patches and updates)
  • Problem resolution
CTN Assurance Orange (Upgrade Level Support*)

CTN Assurance Orange includes:

  • Service Level Agreement with guaranteed response time
  • 20 hours of support per month
  • Software Update Services (proactive patches and updates)
  • Problem resolution
  • Minor custom Software Development (report changes, database, attribute customization)

* CTN Assurance Orange is our upgrade level support and is traditionally required/selected by our larger clients as well as those with higher levels of mission criticality.

Contact CTN for a free IT assessment, or call us at (610) 897-2021 to discuss your wants and your business’s needs. We’d love for you to be our next success story.

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