Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What's Your Business Continuity Plan?

Your data must always be stored securely with the ability to recover lost or corrupted files or systems on demand. There is no room for error or second chances. Business continuity is a big part of any managed services strategy. CTN Solutions can help you determine your recovery time, recovery point objectives and develop your business continuity plan. Our backup and disaster offerings support your plans and ensure your business is protected. Serving Philadephia and New Jersey businesses.

How Can We Help?

When was the last time an outside 3rd party assessed your backups? We’ll provide a complimentary backup and disaster recovery assessment to tell you how you are doing.

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Disaster Recovery Assessment

CTN conducts an assessment of a company’s current business environment and designs a data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution. This is an essential step for all businesses that use data in day-to-day operations, with the solution incorporated into the business continuity plan.

Local and Cloud Backup

To protect valuable data against local disasters and other causes of loss, CTN stores business data in remote, geographically-dispersed data centers. Business data can then be retrieved as needed, with the cloud providing a cost-effective and efficient replication and retrieval process.

Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for anything and tap into a process that enables businesses to easily restore lost or damaged data within minutes. Organizations always maintain critical operations with CTN’s secure virtual environment. Our solutions can provide real time failover on your premise or in the cloud.

Office 365 Backup

This backup is designed for cloud-integrated email and file sharing systems. Flexible in nature, your organization can back up data wherever it resides – whether on premises or in the cloud – and replicate it to either the cloud or another chosen location.

Case Study

We've been helping local businesses get a handle on their IT since 1997. Here are some of the results that our clients get when working with us.

Commercial HVAC and Energy Service

This company came to CTN with only a very basic technology and communications infrastructure in place.  There was a pressing need for the client to obtain more space for file storage. It was also essential for the company to move its service records online, as the team in the field did not have access to needed client information and was not able to provide the top level of service as it aimed to do.

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“When you work with a strategic IT provider like CTN, IT becomes an investment that drives business results. If you have never identified your recovery time or recovery point objectives, then you may have unrealistic expectations about your organization’s ability to recover from a disaster. Don’t wait until it too late to determine your business continuity plan.”

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