What Is Cloud Computing & Virtualization?

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Cloud computing & virtualization allows you to host some or all of your IT infrastructure off premise such as servers and applications. There are many benefits to move your business to the cloud, with not having to purchase the equipment being one of the most obvious ones.

How can Cloud Computing Help Your Organization?

Cloud computing opens the doorway to mobile capabilities, improved team collaboration, reduced operational cost, business continuity and much more. Whether you are traveling for business or can't make it to work for personal reasons, you'll be able to securely access your documents and applications from any location with internet access. You'll also never have to invest in expensive hardware upgrades for your workstations (or servers) ever again, because all your hardware is virtualized in the cloud. With all your IT hosted off premise, if anything were to happen to your place of business (fire, flood etc..), you can still maintain critical operations from a remote location.

What Cloud Services Does CTN Provide?

We provide everything you need to host your business technology in the cloud. Some of the cloud computing services we offer are:

Why Should You Make CTN Your Cloud Service Provider?

Firstly, we have two decades in providing local businesses with IT services and solutions. Secondly, our flat-rate business model ties our success in with the success of our clients IT. It's our goal to ensure that your technology doesn't fail so our cost remain low, and your goal is to ensure your business is as efficient as possible. This makes the uptime of your IT network a shared interest.

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