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SecureCare 2color RGBSecureCare by CTN Solutions brings large-enterprise-level cybersecurity to organizations of all sizes. Starting the process with a CTN assessment and consultation, we develop client security plans that manage risk and align technology with business objectives. SecureCare exclusively provides relevant elements of cybersecurity specific to the needs of your operation.

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Security Assessment

In order to ensure the complete security of a company’s IT infrastructure, a security assessment is an essential step to identify vulnerabilities and remediation steps. Our process assesses network and computer risk at a high level, and in conclusion, provides a Security Risk Report and Management Plan to help guide you through the remediation process.


The key component of our cybersecurity offering is mapping your organization against a compliance regime and ensuring your IT is aligned with it. When you are out of alignment, CTN makes the appropriate recommendations to keep you in compliance. SecureCare is built for HIPAA, NIST, NIST DFARS, PCI, New York Shield compliance regimes. And if you need only to comply with your cyber insurance policy, our entry SecureCare foundation service can do that too.

Cyber Insurance

Don’t have cyber insurance? Protect your business from the unique risk factors of cybercrime with cyber insurance, alongside a disaster management and recovery plan. CTN is partnered with a foremost authority in cyber insurance and we can help evaluate the appropriate coverages for your business.

Network Penetration

An effective network security solution must both manage access as well as target multiple threats and malware variations, in order to prevent entry and invasion into a network. We test your systems from the outside to see how they stand up to a simulated attack and then implement necessary remediation.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our 24 x 7 x 365 SOC is a dedicated team where information resources and systems are continuously monitored, assessed, and defended. Security analysts detect, analyze, respond to, report on, and prevent cybersecurity incidents.

Case Study

We've been helping local businesses get a handle on their IT since 1997. Here are some of the results that our clients get when working with us.

B2B Professional Services Firm

A regional B2B services company with an extensive staff did not have a formalized process to assist the staff with their IT issues.  Instead, the staff called the company’s COO for assistance as needed.  This was problematic in two ways: (1) the COO would try to assist as best as possible, but didn’t have a technical background and thus was limited in ability to provide support; and (2) it was very time consuming for the COO to assist the team technically, as it took the COO away from other important work.

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“Security isn’t just an important component of your IT strategy – it means everything to you, your organization, and your customers. Part of our strategy for our clients is our 24x7x365 service desk. It ensures organizations don’t overlook the basics of a security strategy. If your IT organization is not available to your users around the clock, then your systems may be compromised, should a user wait until the next business day for help with a possible security event.”

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