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If you're in need of a consult for your business technology, then you're in the right place. CTN is one of the Greater Philadelphia Area's top IT consulting firms. We've been helping businesses with their technology for almost 2 decades, so our experience allows us to create an effective IT strategy for organizations that:

  • Experience constant IT issues and network downtime
  • Are relocating to a new facility
  • Expanding their facility
  • Experiencing growth
  • Are worried about the security of their network
  • Need to comply with certain IT security standards (HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX)
  • Need to automate some of their processes using IT
  • Are looking to make their business technology more efficient
  • Are just starting a business

How Does CTN's Technology Consulting Service Work?

Firstly we'll meet to discuss your IT objectives or goals, and see where your technology stands currently. After meeting with you, we'll meet with some of your employees to see what kind of challenges they face with your IT on a daily basis. We will then use a specialized tool to perform an assessment of your entire network which will provide us information such as:

  • What operating systems your using
  • Age of hardware and software in the environment
  • Status of the software your using (supported/unsupported/up to date)
  • Access rights of your users to networked equipment
  • What equipment is/is not on your network
  • Internet access privileges for your users
  • Internet filtering capabilities
  • Firewall strength and condition
  • Data backup status and configuration
  • User password status (last time changed/how often)
  • and much more

What Is The End Result Of The Technology Consult?

With all of the information we obtain, we create an IT strategy based on your objectives that basically lays out a road map to obtain them. We'll point out what is good or bad in your business network, and present you with solutions to the problems, along with a cost/savings analysis. This will supply you with all the information you need to make a decision to move forward or not. If you decide to move forward, our engineers will begin to implement the IT strategy into your business network.

Get in touch with us today to leverage your technology in a way that improves your processes, efficiency, and ultimately profitability!

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