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Data Backup Service

Incorporating a data backup and disaster recovery solution (BDR) into your business continuity plan is essential for any business that uses data in their day to day operations. Having a BDR is like having an insurance policy on your data, and yet we still come across businesses that are simply unprepared. Nearly 70% of businesses that lose their data go out of business! This can be anything from disk failure, to user error, to natural disaster (fire, flood etc..).

How Is Your Business Data Protected?

CTN encrypts your data with the highest grade encryption available on the market today (256-bit), and it's compliant with all industry security standards such as PCIDSS, HIPAA, and SOX. We also store your business data in remote geographic dispersed data centers to ensure your data can be retrieved no matter what happens.

How is CTN's Disaster Recovery Plan Different?

Most businesses tend to use inefficient tape backup in their disaster recovery plan (DRP), which can take hours or even days to restore depending on the amount of data to recover. We utilize cloud technology in our DRP, making backups as simple as a click of a button with a recovery time of minutes.

How Does The Recovery Process Work In The Event Of A Disaster?

If our team doesn't already know that you've experienced data loss, all it takes is a simple phone call. We then begin spinning up the last backup taken, in a virtual server environment so that you can maintain critical operations. The next steps will be dependent on the type of disaster occurred but regardless, as soon as your location has the ability to house your data locally, the repair process begins. The extent of the damage will directly affect the recovery timeline.

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