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COVID19 and Home Computers / Networks

CTN highly recommends these steps below from the US Department of Homeland Security to educate home users about protecting their home network. The two key areas that can increase protection immediately are:

  • Install anti-virus / anti-malware software on home computers. Webroot software is a good option.
  • Ensure home computers are patched and updated with Apple or Windows updates.

CTN installs our software agents as part of our NetCare Managed Services to protect work/company servers and computers from viruses, malware, and to ensure security patches are updated.  Our agent also allows a user to access their work computer from their home computer and do it securely. Ideally, a remote worker uses our remote access software to work from home under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, these agents are not installed on home computers unless we are directed by our clients to do so. Without our agents, there is no way for us to ensure that home user computers are patched and that anti-virus / anti-malware software is running and updated. Therefore, it is very important that home users take the precautions to protect themselves and company data. For further information see the US Department of Homeland Security – CISA (CyberInfrastructure) website -

If you have questions or need our assistance, please contact our client account services team at .  We are here to support you during these challenging times.



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