Cybersecurity Basics Explained
imageOver a quarter of all data breaches happen to small businesses. The cost of a data breach, well, it sure isn’t worth it. To keep your business’ data and...
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Unify your Communications and Improve Efficiency
unified_communicationsCloud computing is as popular as ever with 80 percent of businesses now using some form of it. Today, you can get about any type of business computing...
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Business Continuity Planning a Must
business_continuityWhen considering a continuity plan for your business, you need to consider some scenarios that may not ever happen. This is called risk management...
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Useful Gadgets for the Remote Worker
imageBefore 2020, remote work was already growing, albeit much more slowly than we see this year (for obvious reasons), but now that just as many workers...
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Technology Making it Possible to Go Back to School Online
image2020 has provided a stark new reality when it comes to education. While many schools across the country are trying their hardest to get students back in...
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Cloud Costs Could Undermine Your Efforts
cloud_costAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues around us, many businesses have found themselves seriously reconsidering their business’ infrastructure, pondering...
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October 2020

This issue:
bulletCybersecurity Basics Explained
bulletUnify your Communications and Improve Efficiency
bulletBusiness Continuity Planning a Must
bulletUseful Gadgets for the Remote Worker
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bulletTechnology Making it Possible to Go Back to School Online
bulletCloud Costs Could Undermine Your Efforts
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